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Pearl bridal jewelry is always in fashion for the bride and her bridesmaids. Custom Jewelry Bridal Jewelry Sets in crystal and pearl are available too. You can find unique handmade wedding necklaces or more traditional pearl bridal jewelry from our offerings for brides, bridesmaid jewelry gifts, flower girl & junior bridesmaid pearl gifts. We offer cultured freshwater and saltwater pearls and Swarovski pearls. Swarovski makes pearls by covering a crystal to have a the look and feel of a very expensive, perfect pearl. Swarovski pearls are available in an amazing number of colors, sizes and shapes.Click here to see handmade pearl & crystal bridal jewelry sets .

handmade custom Pearl Necklaces

denise Pearl Bridal Necklace

See Simple Pearl Necklaces

See Pearl Strands - One Strand

See Mult-Strands Chokers & Lariats

Graduated Sterling Silver And Pearl Necklace Anna Swarovski Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace Graduated Sterling Silver And Pearl Necklace
Graduated Pearl "&" Bead Necklace in Your Colors
View nk264
Anna Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace
View Anna Necklace
Kaitlyn Floating Pearl Necklace - Double Strand
View Kaitlyn Necklace
Swarovski Teardrop Pearl Wedding Necklace - Rebecca
View Rebecca Necklace
Darby Cultured Coin Pearl Necklace with Custom Feature
View Darby Necklace
Sandra Swarovski Teardrop Pearl Wedding Necklace
View Sandra Necklace
Discontinued- Margaret Swarovski Rhinestone Necklace in 8 Colors
View Margaret Necklace
Tessa 15mm Cultured Pearl Sphere Necklace - Sterling Silver
View Tessa Necklace
Bridget AAA Quality Cultured Pearl Wedding Necklace
View Bridget Necklace
Katie Drop Pearl Flower Girl Necklace NEW COLORS
View Flower Girl Katie Necklace
New Amelia Swarovski Pearl "&" Crystal Necklace in Custom Colors
View Amelia Necklace
Leah Swarovski Crystal Pearl Pendant Necklace
View Leah Necklace
Leah Flower Girl Pearl Jewelry Set
Palm Inspired Tropical Pearl Necklace in Swarovski Colors
View Bree Necklace
Leah Flower Girl Pearl Jewelry Set
View Flower Girl Leah Necklace
Adrienne 10mm Swarovksi Pearl Necklace With Choices
View adrienne Necklace
Pearl Wedding Necklace Solitare - Madison
View Madison Necklace
Amaya Cultured Pearl "&" Swarovski Roundel Necklace
View amaya Necklace
ON SALE - Amber Cage Necklace - Choose Pearl "&"/or Crystal Contents
View amber necklace
silver and pearl necklace Swarovski Pearl & CZ Eternity Necklace
Amy Swarovski Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace
View amy necklace
Lauren Cultured Pearl Necklace
View Lauren Necklace
Swarovski Pearl, Sterling Silver "&" CZ Eternity Necklace
View amg220
silver and pearl necklace Emily Necklace Sterling Silver Link Necklace With Freshwater Pearls
Sterling Silver Tin Cup Necklace
View amg201
Emily Scalloped Sterling Silver "&" Pearl Necklace
View Emily Necklace
Discontinued -Sterling Silver Link Necklace With Crystal Pearls - 16 Inches
View nk499
White Swarovski Pearl Tin Cup Necklace
Kristen Tin Cup Necklace Set in Swarovski Pearl Colors
View Kristen Necklace
Taylor - Cultured Pearl Necklace with Drop
View Taylor Necklace
White Pearl Tin Cup Necklace - Choose Silver or Gold
View amg223
Coin Pearl Necklace Graduated Sterling Silver And Pearl Necklace
Lisa Cultured Pearl Bridal Necklace
View Lisa Necklace
Swarovski Crystal "&" Graduated Pearl Necklace
View Cynthia Necklace
Cultured Pearl Bridal Necklace with Crystals "&" Sterling Silver
View Erica Necklace
silver and pearl necklace
Grace Fireball and Swarovski Pearl Necklace
View Grace Necklace
8MM Pearl Tin Cup Necklace
View amg202
Jacqueline Necklace in Your Colors
View Jacqueline Necklace
Swarovski Crystal & emma-necklace Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace Cultured Coin Pearl Necklace
Emma Bridesmaid Pearl Necklace Featuring 6mm and 8mm Sizes
View emma-necklace
Dianna 10mm Swarovski Pearl "&" Cube Bridal Necklace
Tara cultured coin pearl necklace
Swarovski Pearl "&" Crystal Drop Wedding Necklace
View v201
Jane Swarovski Pearl Bridal Necklace With Half Drilled Pearl Drop
Evita Pearl "&" Crystal 16-Inch Necklace
View Evita Necklace
Jane Swarovski Pearl Bridal Necklace with Drop
View Jane Necklace
Mary Crystal "&" Pearl Teardrop Bridal Necklace
View Mary Necklace
Petal Pearl - White Keishi Pearl - 12MM Strand
View pg216
Monica Pearl Bridal Necklace With Center Drop
View Monica Necklace
Morgan Pearl Necklace Set with Silver or Gold "&" Crystal Focal
View Morgan Necklace
Graduated Sterling Silver And Pearl Necklace
Audrey Handmade Bridal Necklace
View Audrey Necklace
Coin Pearls, Cultured Pearls "&" Crystal Briolette Necklace - DISCONTINUED
View Cynthia Necklace
Lilly Coin Pearl Necklace
View pnk300
Swarovski AB Crystal & Pearl Necklace
8.5-9.0MM Freshwater Pearl Strand
View pnk254
16-inch Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace - 6.5 to 7.0mm
View pnk252
10mm Swarovski Round Crystal "&" Pearl Necklace
View amg214
shannon necklace
Seed Pearl Necklace for Flower Girl
View pnk301
7.5mm-8.0mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl Strand
View pnk253
Shannon Pearl "&" Crystal Necklace - Tin Cup Style
view shannon necklace
Single Strand White Pearl Necklace denise Pearl Bridal Necklace
12mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls with CZ Roundels - Julie
View amg231
Elsia Swarovski Crystal Pearls with CZ Roundels
View denise Necklace
10mm Swarovski Round Crystal "&" Pearl Necklace
View Claire Necklace
deborah Necklace
Swarovski Tahitian Look 12mm Pearl Necklace - Select Colors
View deborah necklace
Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Bridal Necklace
View v201a
5.0 to 5.5MM White Cultured Saltwater Pearls
View pnk200
Steriling Silver White Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Large Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls A+ Quality
View pnk203
Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls AA Quality 6.0-6.5mm
View pnk201
Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls AA Quality
View pnk202
sylvia necklace elizabetta Pearl Bridal Necklace
Evita Triple Strand Pearl Necklace With or Without Crystals
View Evita Triple Strand
Sylvia Custom Bridal Necklace in Swarovski Pearls and Crystals
View sylvia Necklace
Elizabetta Cultured Pearl Custom Bridal Necklace
View elizabetta-necklace
Christine Coin Pearl Necklace
View Christine Necklace
Susan Bridal Triple Strand Pearl Necklace
View Susan Necklace
Audrey Handmade Bridal Necklace
View audrey Necklace
Alyssa double strand pearl necklace
April 16-Inch Pearl Necklace - Double Strand With 8mm "&" 10mm Pearls
View April Necklace
Alyssa Double Strand Swarovski Pearl Necklace
View alyssa Necklace
Discontinued - Three Strands Of Freshwater Pearls
View amg211
Angela Cultured Pearl Lariat Necklace With Swarovski Crystals
View Angela Necklace
Allison 70-Inch AA Freshwater Pearl Necklace - Out of Stock
View Allison Necklace
Double Strand Swarovski Pearl Necklace
View Amy Double Strand Necklace
denise Pearl Bridal Necklace
Georgia Graduated Pearl Triple Strand Necklace
View Georgia Necklace
Denise Choker in Swarovski Pearls "&" Crystals with Drop
View denise Necklace
Denise Petite Silver, Crystal "&" Pearl Necklace Set in Swarovski Colors
View Denise Petite Bridal Jewelry Set
Shelby Cultured Seed Pearl Bridal Necklace  
Back-ordered -Shelby Twisted Cultured Seed Pearl Necklace
View Shelby Necklace
18 Inch Double Strand Cultured Pearls 7.5-8.0 MM
View pnk255

Single Pearl Necklaces

Single Pearl Strands

Multi- Strands, Chokers & Lariats

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Elegant Pearl Bridal and Bridesmaid Jewelry

Brides have been wearing elegant pearl jewelry for their weddings for almost as long as there have been brides. Today, sets of white and ivory pearls remain among the most popular accessories for women to wear when they walk down the aisle.

The classic style of real or faux pearls is always in style for special occasions. At Silverland Jewelry, each of our handmade pearl necklaces is created using the finest materials, including freshwater and Akoya cultured pearls, sterling silver, and 14kt gold fill. We also create a beautiful selection of sets for bridesmaids using affordable Swarovski faux pearls. These are not cheap fake pearls that look like inexpensive costume jewelry; Swarovski pearls are created around a Swarosvski crystal core to have the same luminosity and weight as genuine cultured pearls.

Silverland Jewelry makes custom sets of colored pearl earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in any of the 30 stunning shades of Swarovski pearls. From simple to dramatic, modern to vintage, Silverland Jewelry has the perfect pieces for your wedding. Call us today to learn more about selecting the ideal necklace to complement your wedding dress.

Simple Classic Pendants

Sometimes less is more, even when it comes to jewelry. A single pearl pendant is an understated accent for a petite bride, a bridesmaid, or a flower girl. It is also a beautiful accessory with delicate wedding gowns. Silverland Jewelry handcrafts a wide selection of simple pearl necklaces, such as teardrops, classic solitaires, floating pearls, or pearl and crystal drop styles.

All of our pieces are available in classic white and ivory, and many can be special ordered in your choice of colors as well. If you want to add a bit of sparkle, select a pendant with a rhinestone pearl cap or crystal cz rondelle for a dash of glamor. It will give you that beautiful diamond twinkle, yet is still understated enough for even a morning wedding ceremony.

The single necklaces are very affordable, which make them especially popular as bridal party gifts. And if you wish to expand on the set, we can create a matching bracelet or pair of earrings to complete the effect.

Sophisticated Strands

A radiant bride wearing a strand of gleaming pearls is an iconic wedding image. The luminosity of the pearls shines softly onto the bride's face, enhancing her natural bridal glow. It is no wonder that some of the most famous women in the world wore a sophisticated pearl strand for their wedding necklace. Today's brides are following in the footsteps of women like Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Gloria Vanderbilt, Queen Elizabeth II, and most likely their own mothers when they choose a traditional strand for their wedding day.

Silverland Jewelry selects the most beautiful cultured, freshwater, and Swarovski pearls for each necklace. Choose from many graceful styles, including:

Traditional Akoya necklaces
Graduated strands 70 inch long rope (very Coco Chanel!)
Triple strands
Tahitian style Swarovski black, brown, golden, and white necklaces

Other Beautiful Necklaces

In addition to classic pendants and strands, Silverland Jewelry creates a lovely collection of unique pearl necklaces, along with earrings and bracelets to match. The tin cup pieces (also called floating pearl or station necklaces) are especially popular, both for brides and bridesmaids. They give a great full pearl look at a very reasonable price, and are also simple enough to be worn again for many occasions after the wedding.

We hand make each floating pearl necklace in your choice of pearl size and color for the perfect bespoke gift. Another fabulous variation on a traditional strand is to add a drop pendant for extra impact. Brides who like a bit of sparkle with their pearls will love our selection of strands made with Swarvovski crystals, cz rondelles, and Swarovski fireballs. It is a great way to look classic and modern at the same time, and the extra sparkle is perfect for formal or evening weddings. Read what real brides have to say about ordering their wedding jewelry from Silverland Jewelry:

One of my best online purchasing experiences. The owner contacted me via email the day following the order. He has followed up since. The 11 sets of tin cup necklaces and bracelets arrived promptly and were gorgeous bridesmaids gifts. Excellent service. Gary L - Louisana

Unique Shapes and Designs

Shop Silverland Jewelry when you seek unique wedding pearls. We have special high fashion tropical keshi (also called petal pearls) and coin pearls for a one-of-a-kind style. They are ideal for beach weddings, offbeat brides, and with fashion forward wedding dresses. In addition to the special shapes, we also make unique jewelry designs such as lariats, chokers, dramatic chandelier drop pendants, and twisted strings of pearls.

Remember that Silverland Jewelry offers the coordinating earrings and bracelets to finish the set and complete your wedding attire. Still haven't found exactly what you are looking for? Consult with one of our designers about a custom set of bridal jewelry.

Experience the Silverland Jewelry Difference

The mission at Silverland Jewelry is to create exquisite pearl jewelry for brides and bridesmaids that is timeless, high quality, and very affordable. Using only the finest materials, we take pride in making jewelry that you will be delighted to wear for your special day and proud to give as a gift.

Silverland Jewelry offers very reasonable Internet pricing without sacrificing on personal attention and customer service. It is our pleasure to provide special services to our clients like rush delivery, complementary custom design service, and elegant gift boxes. We even offer an inspection program, in which samples of jewelry can be sent for your review before making a purchase (this is especially helpful when selecting gifts for a large group of bridesmaids). Shop with us today and discover why our customers say that Silverland Jewelry offers the best shopping experience and customer service on the Internet!